When the  journey is combined with our stay on the boat is really beautiful. But during the summer months in the living room and the cabins is often too hot. On the other we have already used air conditions in our cars, in our offices, in our homes and in hotels where we live. Why not to enjoy comfort conditions on our boat? The ideal conditions of temperature and humidity are provided by the air conditioners.

Two decades ago talking about air conditioning on the small boat someone would think that this is a joke. But times have changed, the technology and the industrial production have done wonders. Air conditioners which are manufactured are not only light in weight and of small volume but also of low consumption in combination to the minimum noise.

psygeioThe necessary complement for small and medium-length boats

In nowadays we cannot imagine a boat, from the smallest to the largest,  without the elementary luxury of an electric radiator. The old times when we were looking for ice on the islands is gone for good. The technology in the field of marine refrigeration has made many important steps in order to enjoy our trip in comfort.The refrigeration equipment manufacturing companies in the last 35 years have faced two main problems in the development of the electric fridge. The first is directly related to the power consumption of the batteries and the second with the performance of the refrigerator on high temperatures.