On our boat we need fresh and clean water and we can achieve that with a filter which will eliminate all the contaminants, allow to pass the beneficial elements and to be certified by international organizations (EPA between these).

The Seagull filter of the American manufacturer  General Ecology thanks to microfiltration, removes the organic chemicals and removes harmful bacteria, parasites, odors and tastes, by allowing the beneficial mineral metals to pass in our glass.


The filter provides 4 litres of clean water per minute at normal pressure, it  is compact in dimensions & weight.

The installation of the filter is easy and the only thing you can see at your room is the small tap.

The Seagull System apart from the boat can be easily installed to houses  as well.


The Italian company VECO Climma-Frigoboat with 40 years of experience on Marine Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration introduced on the Genova Boat Show the revolutionary  Mini Air-Condition Compact 3.5 of the successful series Climma Compact Quattro  with Rotary compressor 220V 50Hz high performance  with really low starting current and operating current.


Designed to work with a small inverter with minimum power 500 Watt. Specifically the compressor of the A/C consumes 270 Watt and the fan 90 Watt on maximum speed which is the eighth ladder.

The fan is 8-speed, noiseless  and with the possibility of the adjustment of the air outlet from horizontal to vertical position.

The base of the air-conditioners is inox and its construction is strong with marine specifications to give life to the unit in the difficult marine conditions.

The mini air-conditioning unit operates and is controlled by remote control digital with temperature & air supply display.

The alimentation of the air-conditioning unit can be a portable generator maximum 1 Kw apart from the inverter.


Mini  watermaker  Oasi  12/24V.

The Italian manufacturer Tecnicomar with a 30-year experience on watermaker systems has introduced  this new watermaker unit really compact in dimensions on the last Boat Show in Genova .


The Oasi unit with a pump of low consumption can be operated  in 12/24V battery power, by saving 80% energy related to other conventional pumps 12/24V.

The unit is available on compact form stainless  steel  and on split form that it can be easily installed in parts in rooms where the compact installation is not allowed.

In four models 35, 60, 90, 100 litres/hour.

The Oasi 30 with fresh water production 35lt/h absorbs from the batteries 14 Amps in 12V and 8 Amps in 24V.

It’s weight in split form is only 26 kg.